Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GATE study materials

        This is a minimal list of study materials for GATE. This list includes two types of materials - first a set of video lectures, books, lectures notes for basic concepts and the second type is a set of practice books for testing those concepts. Remember reading theory is not enough, after reading a chapter always try to solve some problems (both mcq and long problems).

List of materials for theory:

  • MATH

    • A first course in probability by Sheldon Ross - this is easy and efficient book for basic probability theory. 
    • Graph Theory : with applications to engineering and computer science by Narsingh Deo 
    • Engineering mathematics by B.S. Grewal
  • Digital Logic

    • Digital Logic and Computer Design by Morris Mano
  • Computer organization and architecture

    • Computer system architecture by Morris Mano -- this book easy to understand.
    • Mano's book does not cover all parts so you need to google for some chapters.
    • Computer organization bu Hamacher -- difficult to understand. Read only if you have plenty of time.
  • Data structures

    • For basics read any standard book, if you find any difficulty in understanding then watch video lectures, there are thousands of video lectures in youtube
    • For advanced topics watch these lectures Data Structures And Algorithms by Naveen Garg
  • Algorithm

    • Video Lectures (including lecture slides) : Intoduction to algorithms - this is one of the best resources available in the internet on this topic.
    • Books : Introduction to algorithms by Cormen - it may seem difficult for average students, you may have to read 2-3 times to understand some difficult topics but its worth it.
    • Algorithms by Papadimitriou - easy to understand.
  • Theory of computation

  • Compiler design

    • Compiler book by Aho,Ullman
  • Operating Systems

    • Video Lectures: UCB lectures - a huge list of video lectures, just find whatever topic you want to learn.
    • Books: Operating system conceppts by Galvin

 to be continued ...

Note: This list will be modified in regular interval. This is just a minimal list, there are many advanced topics for which you need to google for a better study material. 

List of materials for practice:

  • Previous years GATE papers - must practice these in order to get the feel of GATE.
  • Gateforum, Madeeasy, Kanodia materials are good for practice

A huge list of video lectures are available here covering most of the topics in GATE - arsdigita lectures

Please post your comments -- good, bad, or otherwise — I would really appreciate it.

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  1. sir my basic concept of C is very weak...which book should i prefer to understand C concept for GATE

  2. Kanetkar is simple but incomplete, Ritchie is difficult for beginners but complete. So, first start with Kanetkar then switch to Ritchie.

  3. Sir
    i hardly tried for gate 1 and half month and i never completes reading any book nor tried maths and other 2/3 subject
    but i gone for weakned class in gateforum i got only 19.67.plz help me i am loosing my confidence now

    1. 1.5 months of practice is just not enough. Students with strong technical background need at least 3-4 months and average students needs at least 7-8 months of study. Coaching centers do not teach basic concepts they only teach you some short cuts. You have no reason to lose hope because you know you have not tried well. So, try harder next time, success will be yours. :)

  4. thanks...its good and helful...just one issue- could u please post ur way pf preparation....please tell ur strategy and approach for gate preparation :) thanksss a lot...waiting for ur reply and help :)

    1. http://wowcse.blogspot.in/2014/04/gateway-to-gate.html

    2. Awesome ! Thanks a lot ! Thanksssssss

    3. Awesome ! Thanks a lot ! Thanksssssss

  5. good information.. Thanks

  6. Sir, First of all thanks for writing such a wonderful blog. I am currently working in TCS. I am 2011 b.tech pass out.Now I want to go for academia profession after completing m.tech and hopefully phd. I have given gate this year. I scored 34 marks. I want to appear again in 2015 gate with an aim to crack top NITs or IITs. So could you please tell me how to prepare as I have already have the basic knowledge of all the subjects and one more thing like I am little bit worried about is it too late to join in academia from industry?

    Need some suggestion from you.

    1. http://wowcse.blogspot.in/2014/04/gateway-to-gate.html here is how to prepare for GATE.

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  8. plz provide link of all imp video lect.

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